The 7th Global Conference on Economic Geography

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June 4–8, 2025
Clark University, Worcester MA, USA

Jonas Clark Hall, Clark University, Worcester MA, USA

Governance Challenges for A Sustainable and Inclusive Future

Globally, we are witnessing an urgent need for new forms of governance and institutional transformations that can improve development outcomes and protect and enhance democracy globally. Political polarization and the role of social media, the rise of populism and regional disparity, and the persistence of autocracy all challenge democratic institutions, and various government-sponsored social protection. Globalization has been challenged by rising protectionism, and the new reality of frequent global pandemics signals the future of recurrent supply chain disruptions. Technological change, such as social media, big data and artificial intelligence are opportunities as well as challenges for governance at multiple scales. Last but not least, climate change challenges the lives we lead as we know it; in both day-to-day and international mobility, in global distribution networks and supply chain fragility, and in energy generation and consumption. What are the technological, institutional, and governance solutions that would lead us to a more sustainable and inclusive future?

Through economic and geographical research, our goal is to develop research agenda that contribute to designing a more sustainable and inclusive world. With three key themes – governance, sustainability and justice – we hope to catalyze new research agenda for economic geographers through this conference.

More information will follow. We look forward to seeing you at Clark in June 2025.

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Key dates

Conference dates: June 4-8, 2025

Registration will begin in Fall 2024 (to be announced – check back for updates in summer, 2024)

The GCEG is the largest international conference dedicated to Economic Geography

Venue: Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA